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Community prayer for our new Chief
A contribution of Father Reegan Soosai, cmf

The Long Point First Nation community of Winneway elected a new chief, Mr. Henry Rodgers, in the general election on August 10, 2022.

On this Sunday, August 28, 2022, we celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving and to ask for the blessing of the new leader.
I presented him with a gift from India, similar to a Totem which we name an "Ashoka Pillar" and a rosary.

The Ashoka pillar is a symbol of rootedness and truth. At the top of the pillar are four lions that represent 4 core values: courage, pride, power and trust.

After Mass, the whole congregation prayed over him.

Echoing the message of today's readings, I invited him to be humble, to be a good mediator like Jesus Christ, and to practice inclusion.

Let us support him in our prayers. Amen.

Father Reegan Soosai, cmf.
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